Professeur Assistant

  • Développement de méthodes analytiques vertes;
  • Valorisation des agro-ressources;
  • Contribution à une écologie industrielle.

Dr. Wafa TEROUZI, Masters and PhD in Food Quality Control and Data Analysis at Sultan Moulay Slimane University / USMS (2009 and 2014 respectively). She was visiting professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Beni-Mellal (Morocco, 2011-2018). Now, she is an assistant professor at Hight School of Technology of USMS. She is a principal member of the Engineering and Applied Technologies Laboratory (LITA), and an associate member of the Applied Spectro-Chemometrics and Environment (LSCAE) team. She has been Reviewer for numerous international journals in the field of analysis, food quality control and chemometrics. Also, she helped with supervision 6 theses of which 1 is defended and 5 are in progress, as well as numerous dissertations of license and DUT. She has participated in academic and industrial research projects. To his credit, Dr. Wafa TEROUZI has published with the two teams 27 international publications and more than 50 communications in international congresses.

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